About Us - SonderIP

Sonder IP was created to provide a comprehensive solution for the protection and management of Intellectual Property (IP) focussing on trade marks, designs and copyright.

Why Sonder?

We recognise that every business is different. Like people, businesses have different needs, desires challenges and ambitions. We recognise and understand this and work with our clients to develop a personalised solution that allows intellectual property to help achieve ambitions and mitigate problems.

Why being different benefits you:
• We won’t bill on the clock if you don’t want us to which means

• We deep-dive into your business at the beginning, we can work from your office to get to know your IP portfolio – at no extra cost

• When you work with us you’ll receive no hidden fees, but you will get straightforward, expert advice as and when you need it

• Mutual respect, effective working relationships dedicated to your business success.