The Best Global Brand 2018

The Best Global Brand 2018

Interbrand, the brand consultancy, specializing in areas such as brand strategy, brand analytics and brand valuation has released their Best Global Brand report for 2018.

The report ranks global brands based on a number of criteria. The criteria include internal factors such as clarity, commitment, governance and responsiveness, alongside external criteria such as authenticity, relevance, differentiation, consistency presence and engagement.

The report provides an interesting perspective on how brand value can be assessed and shines a light on how the world’s leading brands rank.

Once again Apple came out top with Google and Amazon completing the top three. It’s perhaps unsurprising to see technology brands so prevalent at the top of the rankings, with Amazon being named as the fastest growing brand. However, the top ten fastest growing brands also included traditional favorites such as GUCCI, LOUIS VUITON, FERRARI and CATERPILLAR showing that it’s not all about technology.

Read the full report here:
Interbrand – Best Global Brands 2018