UK Ratifies Hague Agreement

UK Ratifies Hague Agreement

On 13 March 2018 the UK ratified The Hague Agreement. This means that as of 13 June 2018 those seeking registered design protection in the UK can do so through The Hague International filing system.

It also means that UK nationals or those with domicile, habitual residence or a real and effective commercial establishment in the UK can file for design protection in any country that is also members of the agreement, through the International filing system.

This provides a cost-effective way of securing important protection for your company’s designs.

Currently, UK businesses and citizens have access to this system by virtue of the European Union being a member of the system, but this development means that access will continue after Brexit. It also provides an easy mechanism for filing in both the UK and EU simultaneously with a single application.

The Hague Design system is growing in popularity with more countries join the system. The UK becomes the 54th member and the system provides cost effective filing for registered design protection in countries such as USA, Japan, South Korea and the European Union.

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