Integrity & Purpose - SonderIP

We at Sonder IP Limited are part of the business community and feel it is important to follow our moral compass.

We endeavour to:

– Treat everyone as an individual

– Treat everyone with respect

– Be honest and transparent

– Drive for Innovation and improvement

– Be socially responsible

Our social responsibility runs through everything we do and is too broad a concept to commit entirely to paper, however, we do focus on the following key areas:

How we go about our business

We treat our customers with respect and will always be open and transparent in the way we conduct business.

We make every effort to reduce our environmental impact.

Promoting Social Responsibility

Providing pro bono services to companies that deliver products and services that:

– Support health and well being

– Protect the environment

– Help to alleviate suffering

Donate a percentage of profits to registered charities that:

– Combat Poverty

– Support third world education

– Promote gender equality