Interactive Partnerships - SonderIP

In order to provide an individual solution that works best for you, we need to understand how you operate, your internal processes and the obstacles you face. We will design a solution that directs our expertise to the right place and ensures that any administrative burden is minimized

Scenario 1 – I need total control

This is often the norm. Everything flows from the business to the service provider through a designated individual. Some of the time there is a good reason for this and sometimes it’s because businesses have never been offered an alternative.

This approach can cause a bottleneck and loads the administrative burden on you, the paying client. Does it have to work this way?

Scenario 2 – I need an in-house resource

Your time is important, and you have more than just IP to worry about. Sonder IP can provide an in-house function where we liaise directly with stakeholders and manage the administrative side of things providing you with the information you need, when you need it and freeing up your time to focus on other priorities.

Scenario 3 – Help, I’m a Finance person

We can engage directly with marketing and sales departments to provide process review and implementation, training, and directly accessible advice ensuring that IP is captured and protected, whilst ensuring we work with you to manage budgets and keep the business strategy and IP strategy aligned.

Scenario 4 - The Marketing professional’s dream

You understand brands and the brand strategy of the business, but internal red tape is preventing you from getting things done. By understanding your internal budgeting and purchasing processes we can work directly with the relevant departments to take this burden from you and allow you to focus on what the business hired you for.